a riddle

“What did the ocean say to the storm?”

“Nothing … just waved.”

Someone shared this riddle at my exercise class last week and, besides a chuckle, it has continued to resonate with me.

I think of our day-to-day parenting lives, to the dramas that often set in when our responses are tested – most especially when our children easily provoke a storm.

I’m thinking toddler/preschool temper tantrums, school-aged meltdowns, teenage emotions and mood swings.

I’m thinking parental white caps, flooding, tsunamis.

But just as the ocean remains vast and powerful, deep and strong, able to accept the fury of the storm – certain in its depth and quiet response – so can we try to be the same.

When our children lose control, display their fury, their emotional outburst, their personal storms, they look to us to find our strength, our love, our calm, our trust, and our consistency –  measured and caring.

They look for a wave.

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