ah yes

There’s much to be said about gratitude.

I think when a new year is beginning, many of us vow to be more grateful – to appreciate our families and friends more – to be content with the things we have in our lives that bring us joy.

As parents, even with the best intentions, however, we sometimes get lost instead in the details – in all the things that need to be done, that don’t get done, that we wish could be changed.

So our days – as full as they are – are often only described as “crazy”, “hectic”, “OMG what a day” with a strong hint of exhaustion and distress attached

This year I received a sweet little journal that’s called “favorite moment a day” journal.

I love it!

For there’s twenty-four hours in each day to think about.  And stuck in even the most tiring “crazy” day, there has to be a moment – a moment that deserves to be remembered, felt, appreciated, cherished.

For a moment can be as simple as a conversation, a smile, a lovely cup of tea, the precious grin your toddler gives you when he wakes up from his nap,a friend’s phone call, a teenager’s unexpected hug , a neighbor’s warm response to your children playing in their yard, making all the green lights when running late to work, siblings happily engaged in pretending and “dress -up”, a quiet moment when you stand at the window and gaze at the cardinals at the bird feeder.

You fill in the rest.

For you don’t need a little journal like mine to do this.  It can just become a part of your day, a gift to yourself, by spending a few minutes being mindful – being grateful for those moments – for that one moment perhaps, that makes us say “Ah yes!”

“Ah yes, indeed!”




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