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back on track

Is  it just wishful thinking – or is this winter almost over?   January is all but done, then February’s upon us – and then there’s March – announcing the first day of Spring.

Wow!  It’s practically summer!

But …I know- I know.  February, the shortest month can sometimes seem the longest.

And – anyhow – why am I wishing the days away?

As parents, though, haven’t we all sometimes been guilty of doing just that about our children?  Instead of appreciating the infant nighttime- feeding stage – or relishing the 18-month-old “on the go” run – or understanding (and admiring perhaps) the 3-year-old “defiant” stage – we wonder when does this stage end, can’t wait until.

And then  for sure – we  end up missing the meaningful moments that are the present.

There are so many things that we do hurry through, complain about, dread, only to realize later, they are gone, and this time will not be repeated.

It only takes little things to get us back on track.

Just at Great Clips, for instance, I observed two adorable young brothers, hair slicked down from fresh cuts, sitting and waiting for their older brother to be finished, playing a “game” on their mom’s phone.  They leaned into each other, laughed, shared so compatibly.

And I thought “What a moment!”

(and, yes, I couldn’t help myself – I did tell their mom when she came over what I noticed!)

So – okay, February, bring it on.  I’m ready to appreciate every one of your 28 days – and March too!

Spring and summer are sure to come.  But in the meantime, I’m going to look for and appreciate what marvelous moments the present holds.

Thanks, boys!


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