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We watch our children develop and grow and it is such a wonder. I love when parents share with me their child’s new developments, latest stages, creative tricks.

But every once in a while, I get to hear about a parent’s personal growth, understanding, realization – and that is always especially meaningful.

For just as our children are learning and developing daily, monthly, yearly – so are we as parents.


I talked to a mom recently who has two children – always a very conscientious woman – who, as she told me, read parenting books continually.  Until, she says, she reached a point where she feels able to trust herself – her own parenting instincts – her own development – to read her children more and the parenting books less.

She feels more secure paying attention to her own judgment and experience to know when her children’s behaviors demand a limit from her . She understands when they are looking for that calm but firm and confident assurance of “stop”, “I won’t let you”, “no thank you”, “not today” that helps a child feel secure and embraced.

As parents we come to our personal parenting styles in our own time – in our own ways.

But we all get there.

And when we do arrive – its a settled feeling, a more relaxed but knowing feeling.  It doesn’t mean we don’t still question, puzzle, worry at times – but we rely on what we know about our children and how we want to relate to them.

We pay attention to our own parenting instincts.

We’ve reached the well-seasoned parenting stage – and we’ve earned it.

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“Hope is the thing with feathers –

That perches in the soul –

And sings the tune without the words –

And never stops – at all -“

Emily Dickinson

This past week I spoke with several parents who were reeling from this latest school shooting.  Fear, anxiety and grief foremost in their hearts.

This is when it’s hardest to be a parent – to face this type of vulnerability in our children – in ourselves.

And that’s why this first stanza of Emily Dickinson’s poem means so much to me.  Because despite our fears, hope resides – and stays “perched” in our souls – to lean on, to count on – to heal.

For it is this “hope” that helps our children as well as ourselves to carry on, to be brave, to look ahead, to find strength. And with this hope, we see our children, our friends, our neighbors in a new light – a new togetherness.

Because parenting is universal – and I believe one parent’s grief is felt in every parent’s heart.

Parents want to know what to do, how to protect their children, what to say.

I say for now – slow down a bit – circle the wagons – have family time – connect with those who are close to you – and let yourselves and your children feel held, feel the love, feel the connection, the safety -without words.

Let you all feel the genuine “hope that perches in your soul”.


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Let it happen

We’re coming up soon on one of my favorite times to play outside.

It’s usually late February – definitely in March – when we begin to have bright sunny days, warmer (above freezing) temperatures, and longer hours of daylight that start the streams of melting snow begin their “river” journey along the curb sides and driveways of our neighborhoods.

And it is in these streams that I found such satisfaction when I was a child – as well as a parent alongside my child.

There’s something about these “rivers” that invite rubber boots to slosh in them, sticks and leaves to float in them – dams to change their flow and create new channels – the river of the world – our own special childhood world.

It takes being dressed for it, prepared for it, time for it.

It doesn’t happen on the way to the car, or in between errands.  It’s an afternoon of outside play – some shovels, (extra mittens – they may get wet), some sticks, maybe some rocks – each child will know what he/she needs.

And then the magic will happen I believe,  for it’s easy to lose oneself in wonder, in exploration, in trickling sounds of water, in the crushing of melting snow.

Trust your child – treat your child –  to this free adventure – and let it happen.

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I am the youngest of six siblings and I think it gave me much practice observing and noticing other’s expressions, moods, and feelings, as I “studied” the world of brothers and sisters whirling around me.

Most Friday mornings for me are very busy – keeping the Play Shoppe schedule moving, responding to the quick pace of the group.  This week, however, it was the first Friday of the month, and a children’s librarian from the public library comes to do our Play Shoppe story time. (Thank you- we love it!)

And so I got to sit back during circle time and observe the children responding to Ms. Brooke as she read, sung, and engaged with them.

What a treasure to watch and appreciate these children, their individual expressions, their responses, their hesitation, their eagerness, their “wheels turning” – each and every child so different from the next.

As busy parents, however, we are often just that – busy – and our own time to step back and really breathe in our child’s uniqueness often slips away.

But whether we have one child or four children, we know each child’s personal expression hints at what lies within.

So not every minute, not necessarily even everyday – but definitely when the opportunity presents itself – take advantage of the moment – to notice, to celebrate, to feel the uniqueness of the child in front of you.

It doesn’t require comment or praise or acknowledgement, except to our self.

It’s simply just for us – FYI – to add to our understanding, to our appreciation, to our future responses –  to our deepening relationships with the separate individuals that make up our families.

Don’t miss it.






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