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I am the youngest of six siblings and I think it gave me much practice observing and noticing other’s expressions, moods, and feelings, as I “studied” the world of brothers and sisters whirling around me.

Most Friday mornings for me are very busy – keeping the Play Shoppe schedule moving, responding to the quick pace of the group.  This week, however, it was the first Friday of the month, and a children’s librarian from the public library comes to do our Play Shoppe story time. (Thank you- we love it!)

And so I got to sit back during circle time and observe the children responding to Ms. Brooke as she read, sung, and engaged with them.

What a treasure to watch and appreciate these children, their individual expressions, their responses, their hesitation, their eagerness, their “wheels turning” – each and every child so different from the next.

As busy parents, however, we are often just that – busy – and our own time to step back and really breathe in our child’s uniqueness often slips away.

But whether we have one child or four children, we know each child’s personal expression hints at what lies within.

So not every minute, not necessarily even everyday – but definitely when the opportunity presents itself – take advantage of the moment – to notice, to celebrate, to feel the uniqueness of the child in front of you.

It doesn’t require comment or praise or acknowledgement, except to our self.

It’s simply just for us – FYI – to add to our understanding, to our appreciation, to our future responses –  to our deepening relationships with the separate individuals that make up our families.

Don’t miss it.






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