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Let it happen

We’re coming up soon on one of my favorite times to play outside.

It’s usually late February – definitely in March – when we begin to have bright sunny days, warmer (above freezing) temperatures, and longer hours of daylight that start the streams of melting snow begin their “river” journey along the curb sides and driveways of our neighborhoods.

And it is in these streams that I found such satisfaction when I was a child – as well as a parent alongside my child.

There’s something about these “rivers” that invite rubber boots to slosh in them, sticks and leaves to float in them – dams to change their flow and create new channels – the river of the world – our own special childhood world.

It takes being dressed for it, prepared for it, time for it.

It doesn’t happen on the way to the car, or in between errands.  It’s an afternoon of outside play – some shovels, (extra mittens – they may get wet), some sticks, maybe some rocks – each child will know what he/she needs.

And then the magic will happen I believe,  for it’s easy to lose oneself in wonder, in exploration, in trickling sounds of water, in the crushing of melting snow.

Trust your child – treat your child –  to this free adventure – and let it happen.

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