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when it’s time

It seems like the weather can’t quite make up its mind.

Just as we’re getting used to dry sidewalks, yards and roadways, mild temperatures, blue skies, and sunshine, there’s a winter storm alert!  Snow is falling and wind is blowing, schools have been let out early, grocery stores are bustling.

What’s that about? 

I guess we were all jumping ahead just a little bit – rushing the season,  being impatient – as Spring is still a few weeks away – and even then …it will show up when it’s ready!

It’s definitely kind of like parenting.  We see a little progress in our child’s behavior and wow, it’s Spring!

We can’t help ourselves – the baby slept through the night, my three-year-old went right to bed this weekend – my one-year-old took a step, my two-year-old went pee in the potty, my toddler tried peas last night, my four-year-old brushed his teeth last night without a struggle – Yay!

Until … “I guess it’s winter again!”

Much of our children’s behaviors are on a continuum.  It takes time for a behavior to change – to become consistent – to become learned.

It’s called baby steps.

Letting things happen in turn – being patient yet prepared – to welcome Spring –  and our child’s new developments – when it’s time.

“Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tsu


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