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different socks

You all know we adore our dog, Tootsie – in spite of just a few of her habits that can test our love.

One of these habits is to find a good sock – to shake – and chew.  It always seems to be a very special sock – not one with a hole in the toe already or a stretched-out, baggy top.

Recently she got to two of my favorites.  You know – the ones you’re always so glad to see washed and tucked in together – ready to wear.  Their respective mates were gone but I eyed these two loners – a reddish one and a bluish one – sitting on the washing machine, and thought – why not – I love these socks – and I actually like the fact that they’re different.

And so I wore them and went off to work – and the socks made me happy.

This was on Wednesday, March 21st.

I knew it was Down Syndrome Awareness Day, but what I didn’t know was that on that day, people wear different colored socks that don’t match – that make a statement – that celebrates differences.

In some ways I’m glad I didn’t know I was “supposed” to wear different colored socks that day.

I’m glad I just decided it’s okay – in fact it’s fun to be different – for what makes us different also makes us special.

SAVE THE DATE – Saturday, September 15th, 2018 – La Crosse Down Syndrome Awareness Walk, Onalaska Omni Center


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