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child’s play

Whenever I have conversations with friends and co-workers about their personal childhood play memories, there always seems to be a constant theme.

Across  the board, the most favorite memories involve outside play, with natural materials – sticks and stones, dirt and trees, puddles, and huts,  hands-on- unstructured exploration.


And why?

I don’t think it’s actually that surprising.  What child wouldn’t enjoy imagining, creating, building a world, a “hide-away”, a shared experience; having sensory choices to play with,  to mold, to pretend, to imagine.

I know it’s not always so simple anymore, however, in our busy day- to- day lives, for children to have these kinds of experiences.  It pretty much needs to be intentional – to provide the time and the rewards of free time spent out-of-doors.

Parents often share that when they tell their children to play outside, their children say “it’s boring”.

I believe it.  I remember sometimes feeling bored  sooo bored- until we weren’t – because true creative play often doesn’t begin until we start it on our own.

A favorite response to boredom was shared with me years ago by a very warm and knowledgeable educator whose answer to a child’s complaint of “I’m bored” was to say, “Oh, let me know how that turns out for you“.

And so, that’s how Heather and I came up with Down and Dirty – our Fun Day in The Parenting Place backyard area – on Saturday, April 21st from 10:00 AM – 11:30 AM. Registration necessary.

All the makings of exploration, natural discovery, work and play will be there – something for everyone we think.

We’ll let you know how it turns out.



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