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a weekend

Okay – it’s not just me, is it?  Or did this past weekend seem extra long – extra full of rain, sleet, snow – and then more snow – when it was Spring that we were expecting.

After all, it is definitely time to move on – to shed those winter boots and jackets and walk out into the warmth of Springtime sun.

But, instead, we wait – and we find ways to be patient, to enjoy the unpredictable nature of weather, to throw a bundle of seeds out for the birds who are waiting as we are, and watch them swarm to the feast spread out before them.

That was a treat for us to watch.

And then, as the weekend passed, I recalled reading some time ago the number of weekends between the day your child is born and the time he or she turns 18 – nine hundred and forty weekends – two hundred and sixty of them are gone by the 5th birthday.

Ah perspective – long weekends bring them on.  Put in those terms, who would ever complain?

As a parent of grown children, I can attest – the years do go by faster than you realize.

And so – when we have what seems like an extra long weekend, embrace it – make the most of it (sometimes by doing the least) and believe.

Spring will come.

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