a new house

It’s quite an experience to watch first hand a house being built – and I have this vantage point right now from my kitchen sink window.

And even though I originally thought it would be noisy, dusty and annoying, it has, instead, been so very fascinating and positive to watch and observe.

And it’s not just me – it seems to have caught the fancy of the whole neighborhood.

As for myself, (big secret!) I can never help making analogies to family – to parenting.

For by observing this house-building process, from pouring a strong foundation, to firmly framing and reinforcing the structure of the house itself, to creating the different living spaces, to remembering the windows to allow the light to come in, to adding the doors both to welcome and close for privacy, to finally the roof to protect and shelter, I also see what it takes to build a family.

But, of course, it doesn’t end there.  Because there are so many more small but significant finishing touches and personal decisions to be made and integrated to turn this house into their home.

And within this new structure, a young family with a young daughter and a new baby on the way will fill these spaces, feel the security, and grow together as a family, continuing to build their own foundation and structure of togetherness.

Welcome to the neighborhood.




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