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pen pals

Sometimes I hear a report on the news that just makes my heart sing.

Really-  you’re thinking – on the news?

This was a human interest story about 8-year-old students in a school in Texas that were learning to write in cursive.  Along with this newly developed skill, they also learned the art of letter writing,  and each young student was given a Senior Citizen pen pal to write to – in cursive.

Their Senior Citizen pen pals wrote back to them – in cursive.

And so their relationships  – and their skills – grew!

The children were thrilled when mail call happened at school, and they received  their letters from their pen pals.

The teacher was blown away by the children’s anticipation, by their enthusiasm to learn and practice cursive, to so generously share news with their older friends, and their genuine delight in reading their personal pen pal letters.

Of course their Senior Citizen friends were thrilled with the opportunity to have this special contact with young children, to learn about what was going on in their pen pal’s life –  and, in turn, share what they enjoyed doing – both now and when they were 8-years-old.

And then … after getting to know each other through letter writing, these same children and their senior friends got to meet up in person.

And it appeared to be like meeting old friends.

In this fast-paced world of face book, instagram, snapchat, texting …, it is beautiful and heartwarming to see these young children take the time to write and share with another generation, and find, in doing so, commonalities, connections , and joy for all .

You see…. no wonder it makes my heart sing!






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