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going to the well

I read recently that the women in rural villages in Africa would make their daily journey to distant wells to draw water for their families.

It was during this daily journey that these women would enjoy their social interactions of the day with one another – their personal time to engage, share, laugh, and support each other.

But after wells were installed in the villages by Engineers Without Borders,  the need for this daily routine journey ended.  And in the Patriarchal culture that exists there, the men no longer saw any reason for the women to meet up with one another, and the women were left feeling socially isolated.

Of course the wells were a hugely generous and much needed program that raised the health and welfare of all in the village.  Yet the women felt deeply the loss of this simple but significant act of social support, sharing and interaction between them as they journeyed  to the well.

All of the above –  support, sharing, interaction, connection – coming to the well – sounds like what our participants seek, enjoy, and find helpful through the support programs offered at The Parenting Place – programs like our Parent Connections and Play Shoppes.

And we hear everyday how significant families believe these programs are to them.

At Friday Play Shoppe this week, we said good bye to a family who is moving – a family who attended regularly – whose three children and both mom and dad contributed to the sharing and caring and purpose of our programs.

To the Mortenson family we say thank you – to their children who played so delightfully, to both parents who shared and welcomed other participants so graciously, who came “to the well” regularly and offered and received support and friendship – we wish you good luck and much happiness in your new venture.

You will be missed.

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