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Almost every Friday morning a few princesses show up  for Play Shoppe.  They might have come in princess attire from home – or else found just the right garments in our dress-up area to fit the role.

Then there’s always both boys and girls seeking out the colorful capes that swirl behind them as they run.

I’m always pleased that these princesses and knights do lots of other things besides just being princesses and knights.

In fact –  they’re actually very involved with the all important work that is Play Shoppe – that is childhood – that is play.

Come with me now to last Saturday night at Logan Middle School for the Logan/Central High School production of Elton John and Tim Rice’s “Aida”.

Watching this lovely performance made me realize how much of my time is spent focusing on young children – both at work – and personally as grandparents.

For the one word that kept going through my mind was Wow!  Look at these once little people, young princesses and brave heroes themselves,  who grew up to be so… well, so grown -up …so... wow!

It was a wonderful performance by these gifted students. To see this many young people come together and put in hours and hours of practice – and have it unfold so smoothly and coordinated is very impressive.

The poise, the support, the effort, the energy, the maturity, and of course the talent of these young people was awesome.

And yes, actually there were two princesses in this grand show as well as soldiers which brings me back to my Play Shoppe world of young princesses and fearless knights – children  who will continue to pretend, dress-up, imagine, play hard, grow up- until they too reach this other magic age of Wow!


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