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Sometimes you’re just happy you did something – something you could have ignored.

That was Saturday morning for me – and I believe the other parents and families from The Parenting Place Parent Advisory Committee who attended the Hmong Cultural Community Day Celebration at the Hmong Center in La Crosse felt the same.

What a warm and friendly reception we received from all – so happy to have us there. And our families experienced pieces of Hmong historical culture, their dress, their dancing, their language, their food.

A salute in Hmong to some Hmong Viet Nam War Veterans who were there in uniform brought questions from one school-age boy in our group to his mom who will continue the conversation and offer more information to this curious boy.

Another young girl was so thrilled watching the young girls dancing in traditional costumes.

And other children enjoyed the sticky rice and the colorful cool and refreshing tapioca drink offered as part of a large spread of traditional food.

So yes –  it was a morning to experience cultural differences, but overwhelmingly it was even more a morning to experience so many similarities.

And they were abundant – as young families with babies, older generation with smiles on their faces watched and visited while children the same age as those in our group – ran and laughed and jumped and splashed in the bouncy houses and pools filled with water.

There were no differences there – just families sharing a beautiful summer Saturday morning.



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