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a pajama walk

It has been pretty darn hot lately, right?

And with the heat and high humidity, we often end up spending more time inside to stay cool. That’s not the way most of us want to spend a summer day.

And then when bedtime approaches, you might find that your children still have some extra energy to burn off – or just need a calming change of scene – some time to unwind before bed.

That’s what Theo and his mom decided on one of these hot and sultry evenings.  And so they took a pajama walk.

A pajama walk – I love the idea of it!

Alright – I admit – I have gone out for the newspaper – in my pajamas – but that just does not qualify as a pajama walk.

A real pajama walk takes place after relaxing in the bath,  putting on cool pjs, and walking with a special person –  to talk, to laugh, to connect.

The temperature might still be warm, but the sun is setting, and there’s a special peace in the neighborhood.

A special moment for a mom and her boy.

Try one.


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