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a miracle moment

A miracle moment – that’s what the broadcaster called it as the last of the twelve young soccer players and their coach in Thailand were rescued from a cave after more than two weeks.

Who wouldn’t agree with this reporter’s choice of words – a miracle moment for sure.

That got me to thinking about miracle moments.

Are they always as sensational as this rescue was – or are there more daily mini miracle moments we could personally notice and celebrate.

I don’t meant to trivialize miracles, but think about it – look around you – all of nature is a wondrous miracle – a beautiful sunset, a summer breeze, those huge snow flakes falling, the first wail of a newborn infant entering the world, a small child’s hand reaching up to take your own.

Of course, these smaller daily miracle moments are apt to be missed – in our haste and preoccupation.

But if we open our eyes, our ears – and I guess, mostly our hearts – we will be amazed at these mini miracle moments that surround us.

As parents – I know – we sometimes think it is a miracle if we all get out of the house on time – or the children are actually asleep for the night.

So – count it – count whatever makes you notice feeling grateful –  blessed – loved – joyful – wondrous – whatever makes you …“feel“.

It will be a miracle.



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