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our best

In talking with some friends recently who were off to visit other mutual friends, I heard myself saying “give them our best”.

And later on, I thought about this very common idiom that we hear shared so often.

And I realized the actual power behind it.

Because giving others your best would be a significantly meaningful gift.

On Sunday afternoon at Riverside Park,   The Compassionate Community Faith Alliance held the first Annual People Fest.  It was a multicultural celebration with food, music, dance, theater, dress, and information from many different organizations and cultural groups – spreading understanding, appreciation, and trust.

The Parenting Place joined in.  And we focused on providing the universal language and power of Play for the children who attended – entertaining them with hands-on activities that needed no interpretation.

And for this 1st Annual People Fest … the people showed up.

It was a wonderful turn-out of all ages – a positive response from our community to share, support and connect with one another.

“Give them our best.”

I believe that message was loud and clear on Sunday afternoon at Riverside Park.

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