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in the middle

I was the youngest of six children – six children in nine years – so, yes, I believe my mom was very busy.

I probably didn’t get a whole lot of pure 1-1 time with my mom – but I know for certain I did from all my siblings.

And that’s the way, I think, it pretty much does work in a big family – perhaps that’s actually the beauty of it.

There were three boys at the playground recently – three brothers – two older ones about nine years old and seven years old – and a little one about two years old.

It was a very busy afternoon at the park, and there was much activity on the play equipment.  Apparently the older boys knew it was their job to watch out for their younger brother.

But, it was the middle brother that caught my heart, dutifully fulfilling his job to watch and help his brother.

Finally I overheard him saying to his older brother as he zoomed by – “It’s your turn to be responsible now  – I came to the playground to have some fun too!”

What a sweet conscientious boy!

He eventually did get his turn to be the seven- year- old he was, as his older brother took over his post.

But it made me think of him again when I heard that Middle Child Day is coming up on Sunday, August 12th.

Who even knew there was such a day?

But glad of it – for this reliable young middle brother – for my own middle-child siblings – and all the middle siblings out there who are so comfortably loved and relied on  –  in every family – and very special indeed.

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