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There’s something about a touch on the shoulder – there’s something about hearing one’s name said – there’s something about waiting for that person to look up – and there’s really something to be said for being heard.

Who hasn’t tried yelling from the kitchen – “time to pick up your toys”.  Who hasn’t checked their emails or face book while telling your child from across the room that it’s time to get ready for bed – or “stop teasing your sister.

And who hasn’t thought “My child never listens to me.”

Of course the other side of this coin is – do we listen to our children – with our eyes and ears and response?

So can we change things?

Well – actually pretty easily,  if we’re ready and willing.

We can start by being aware, being open, being responsive when we talk to our child and by limiting our personal distractions during those busy kids’ times.

You’ll see the change I bet  – you’ll probably think, well that did make a pretty big difference.

And I’m sure your child will feel the difference too.

It’s called connection.

It works.

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