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Labor Day

I’m personally glad that Labor Day comes so soon after The Parenting Place Children’s Festival.  That’s like bestowing a much needed rest and holiday after the work and effort put forth by all The Parenting Place staff on the day before and day of the festival.

Someone asked me at the Festival last weekend ‘who are all these people working at the festival wearing red aprons?”.

I proudly informed him that they are almost all staff from The Parenting Place – reporting for duty – spirits and energy high!

It’s significant to have a day set aside to recognize and celebrate workers.  But sort of unfair that on Labor Day, so many people still need to work

So for all the people who necessarily are working on the Day that celebrates them, take notice and give them a special thank you and smile – those in their workplace wherever that is – hospitals, the home,  in the air,  at sea -rescue workers everywhere,  we appreciate you and thank you.

Happy Labor Day!



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