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a meditation

I just got the urge the other day to iron.

Maybe it’s because I’ve stared at a small group of clean clothes that have “lived” in their own special “need to be ironed “ pile for some time.

So I did it.  I set up my ironing board, filled my steam iron with water – put the dial on cotton – and began.

And now I’m convinced.

No wonder – my mom with six children under foot – managed to seem so relaxed while she ironed a laundry basket full to the brim of 100% cotton items.

I remember so well the scent of the fresh clothes brought in from hanging outside, the slow focused movements my mom made as she arranged the items on the ironing board and pressed down on the disappearing winkles, the sizzle of the hot iron on the damp clothes (my mom always “sprinkled” the clothes first ) and my mom’s eyes that looked to be so soft, so lost in thought, so peaceful.

And as a young child I remember feeling peaceful too.  It was as if these moments flooded our normally noisy and busy household with a sense of harmony and contentment.

And on Saturday, I felt this myself as I peacefully ironed my small batch of grateful items – and realized – of course – this was my mom’s yoga, her meditation, her massage -therapy, her peaceful moment.

And, as children, it became ours too – as it seemed to envelope our home with a sense of warmth, coziness, and trust that all was right and good.

Ironing I know is becoming a lost art.  But if you have the chance or I guess the need to iron out some wrinkles – in your laundry items – in your “life”- try it.

A working meditation of the heart – of the wrinkles in your life.


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