a “pack”

It’s a long story – too long for this blog – but such a sweet one that our daughter told us about a young, shy deaf dog who was slowly introduced to those in her life besides her owners, who came to recognize and appreciate her “pack” and, then, their eventual frequent “pack walks” together.

And since hearing this story, I’ve been thinking and thinking about that expression – her “pack“.

And it seems so reassuring to consider – a group of people (or dogs and people) who come together – who share with each other – who are supportive to each other.

A “pack” – where you feel comfortable and accepted.

So … call me crazy – but I like to think of The Parenting Place Play Shoppe as a “pack” – where people come and meet and play and grow and share – and the children sense this caring and  know they are a part of this integral group.

See what I mean?

So now when I think of this young pup frolicking together on his “pack walk”, I also believe we have our own “pack play” right here at The Parenting Place.

And we hope you come and join us!

Go Pack!  ( Oops – now I guess that’s another whole story!)

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