Serendipity – I have always found this word very intriguing and exciting.

When I lived in New York City many years ago, there was a lovely ice cream parlor called Serendipity – and I always thought it the perfect name for all the especially delicious delights inside.

So I was curious to find out more about this word – which surprisingly one does not hear used that often.

The meaning I found is quite lovely.  Serendipity (n) finding something beautiful without looking for it.

And that’s what happened for me and Dick and Tootsie on a Sunday evening walk at the river.

We weren’t expecting a serendipity moment for sure.  Actually we were both feeling lazy and over-stuffed and were hoping a walk would clear our heads.

We didn’t realize it would open our hearts.

We met a young woman – alone in a motorized wheel chair – who called out to say hi to Tootsie. And that was the beginning of a warm and lively conversation and connection with this courageous and positive person

She thanked us profusely for stopping and talking with her. I don’t think it happens often.

But little did she know, that was a serendipity moment for us – finding something beautiful without looking for it – or maybe even thinking –  without expecting it.

So keep an eye out – for your personal serendipity moments -“finding something beautiful without looking for it.”


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