Take note

It happens less and less these days – receiving a hand-written personal note in the mail.

But when or if it does, it can be a very special moment – a surprise gift..

I received one recently from a person who told me how much she enjoys reading my blog.  It was one blog in particular about ironing that moved her to share her own personal memories that ironing played in her life – both as a child and a mom herself.

It was lovely.

I was moved, delighted and grateful to hear her story and to feel this bond that was made.

Last week I heard journalist Laura Ling speak at The Women’s Fund Fall Luncheon at UWL.  Laura Ling had been held captive in a North Korean prison – and she spoke of the challenges and fear she faced.

And when she shared what her “take away” was from that horrifying experience, she said it comes down to the little moments in life that we share with people that can actually make the biggest difference.

And one of the things she mentioned was to acknowledge others with a personal note – a rare but beautiful act of kindness and connection.

And so I’ve been thinking, how, as parents, we might be missing a golden opportunity with our children – to read our words … see our handwriting …feel our caring   … read it once … read it twice… put it away to maybe read again … save it … remember it.

A brief warm treasure of sharing – of affection..

Take note.

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