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Vote yes

Tomorrow is Election Day – and that might not seem like a particularly family-oriented event …  but … it could be!

Because children learn by participation.

So if we start when children are young – by talking about election day coming up –  by sharing your voting experience with them by taking them to the polls with you – by watching you vote – by giving them one of the “I voted today” stickers to wear – by discussing issues with older children -I believe our children will grow to value and appreciate the significance – and the responsibility –  of casting a personal vote for the candidates of their choice.

And … you know how children love to make choices.

You might even have some  fun with  voting participation at your house – for something as yummy as dinner – or snack.  What will your vote be?  How about a child-friendly ballot – perhaps for  grilled cheese sandwiches? pizza? spaghetti? ice cream, your family favorites?

I say Vote Yes – for family participation!

Voting tomorrow – Tuesday, November 6th .

Make it a family affair.





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