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Brothers – that’s what resonated with me after our recent visit with our two grandsons, Theo and Zeke.

It seems that Zeke has sneaked out of babyhood and right on in to a young toddler with eyes toward and imitation of what his big brother Theo is doing.

Most of the time.

Sometimes still, however, you see him staring at his big brother – and then turning away as if to say ” I don’t think so – maybe not ready for that”.

Yet I can see already the friendship these two boys will enjoy – sense the bond that is growing.

On a chilly day after Halloween, Grandpa Dick and I were outside with the boys.  They had their cut-out pumpkins on their wagon and they were busily digging and filling them with dirt from a nearby garden bed.

Watching them “work” together on this project proved the suggestion I’ve so often given to parents – “get your kids to work on a project together and you’ll feel the connection and the partnership grow.”

And work these two did. (they were pretty large pumpkins!)  Of course it was made even more “magical” by a coin appearing now and then in the hole as they turned away to fill their pumpkins. (Remember I told you Grandpa Dick was there – and you know how grandpas can be!)

Ah, what a surprise – what a discovery!  “There’s Gold in them thar holes!”

There was “gold” for sure – not only in the dirt pile, but definitely being discovered between two brothers – working together.


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