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A November thing

It happened again.

The word goes out to The Parenting Place Advisory group families that it’s that time of year – time to meet up at Riverside Park on an always chilly afternoon – to decorate The Parenting Place Rotary Lights Christmas tree.

This has been going on every November for many Novembers now.

It’s not always easy to lure people out of their cozy homes on a wintry Sunday afternoon (even when the Packers aren’t playing), but we have our dedicated families that have been showing up year after year.

And so we end up with a group ranging from preschoolers to middle -schoolers – even a high schooler – all arriving good-naturedly  along with their parents  – to catch the spirit – the spirit of coming together, working fast,  enjoying hot chocolate, holiday cookies and donut holes – in between blowing on cold hands to try and warm them.

And as tradition has it – we work together, munch together, and then we play together.

This year it was a quick and rousing game of “sticker tag” – generating warmth and excitement from running, laughing,and  shouting “Got you!”. All it takes is each person having a few sheets of colorful sticker dots – and the sound of GO – and watch out.

The person with the fewest dots on their jacket is the winner. Not that anyone cared who won.

It was just fun to chase and leave your mark!

And leave their mark they did – not only with stickers on my jacket but on my heart.

Thank you guys!






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