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Ah goo

A friend shared a video on her phone recently of her grand-baby – blowing bubbles,  gurgling and murmuring the  totally precious  “Ah goo!”

Oh how the sweet innocent sound of “Ah goo” is to our ears – whether the baby is ours or not.

But then there are the 9-month-olds who sometimes shriek just for the sheer enjoyment of using their voices, to the toddlers who  mightily screech when something doesn’t quite go their way, to the preschoolers who just want to talk and talk and tell you everything – right this very minute, to the teenagers who perhaps only talk when they “feel”like talking… and it’s often difficult to remember how thrilled we were when we heard our baby’s first sounds.

However each one of these stages of our children’s verbal expressions is as important – as significant on their developmental path –  as this baby’s melodic “Ah goo”.

But to be honest – it isn’t always easy to respond positively  every time- to appreciate these later stages for what they are.

And so sometimes we don’t.

But when we do –  when we pay heed to the message each stage shares –  whether it’s delight, frustration, complaints, excitement,  or conversation –  we learn –  it’s  really all about reaching out.

It’s really all about  connection – about connecting with us.

Oh, of course.

“Ah goo.”

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