Best Wishes

Luckily I was in no particular hurry at the supermarket yesterday, because in every aisle it seemed I met up with someone I knew – some that I haven’t seen in years even – that deserved more than just a passing hi – time to “catch-up” and remember.

There was definitely a feeling of festivity and joy in the air, nobody seeming to be bothered by crowded aisles and lines at the cash register. Maybe it was the carolers at the front door or the holiday wishes being exchanged all around, but there was the hint of anticipation – of families and folks gathering, connecting, celebrating, remembering others.

At The Parenting Place Friday’s Play Shoppe, this same feeling was palpable.

Many parents turned out with their children –  in search of what a song, a small hand reaching out to an old hand with a Christmas tree craft, smiles all around, hearts warmed, eyes moist – could mean.

And they found it – the true spirit of sharing – and caring – simply by connecting.

May you all enjoy your own personal joyful ways of celebrating  and connecting this holiday season.

Best Wishes!


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