boy oh boy

What a lovely, sweet, wild, and fun Christmas week we had with our two young grandsons.

And, oh, did the house seem ever so quiet when their bags were packed and we waved good-bye.

Later that day, while waiting my turn at Great Clips – waiting for one particular stylist that was already promised to four young brothers ahead of me -a – 9 year-old, a 7- year-old, a 5 -year-old, and a  3-year-old  –  I sat back and enjoyed.

It was the perfect remedy for me – already missing my two sweet guys.

And like I always notice in Theo’s and Zeke’s mom, – this mom, too, just knew how to connect with each of her boys. Her eyes were always on them when they spoke to her – her response positive and personal – her laugh, genuine, her touch lingering on a shoulder or gently stroking a back.

I have a definite soft spot for little boys – for their vulnerability, sensitivity, sweetness that often goes unnoticed among the rough and tumble.

Unless, of course, you’ve been lucky enough to have a boy or two in your life.

Like me.


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