A mom was sharing a humorous story about her two-year-old little guy – who, after sitting on the potty proceeded to independently try to put his own pants back on.

When Mom came into the bathroom, he immediately told her, “Don’t see me”, “don’t see me” .  This apparently was a feat he was determined to do – on his own – no help invited.

But minutes later, Mom heard from the other room “I’m stuck!”  And stuck he was – two feet in one leg hole.

And yes he did need a little helping hand.

I love this sweet story.  I love how he says “don’t see me”.  I love his struggle and his eventual realization “I’m stuck”, and yes, I do need some help.

As parents it’s easy to identify with this young fellow.  Often we struggle with different parenting concerns, and feel stuck – kind of like having two feet in one leg hole.

This is the time to give The Parenting Place a call, ask for a Parent Educator, and tell us, like this brave boy, “I’m stuck”

And then choose to talk your struggle out over the phone,  or meet at The Parenting Place for some one-on-one sessions, or attend a class with other parents.

We take “stuck” seriously and love to help you



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