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I just read a phrase recently that stuck with me – “empowered by knowing the routine”.

I always believed that was true for children, whether at home or at childcare.

But after my knee replacement surgery, I came home to – what for me was almost a sense of anxiety at first – and I wondered why. It didn’t take long for me to recognize that my normal routine no longer fit – and so each day, I tried to figure out – what my new routine/structure was supposed to be.

Fortunately I had great help leading me into the days ahead until I felt comfortable – yes, empowered even – by my new normal. Now as I slip back into a combination of my old trusty routine and my healing one, I believe even more in the strength and confidence a routine offers.

Of course, that’s probably number one when I talk to parents about a parenting concern- “what is your child’s daily routine look like?

For children thrive on knowing what to expect, from day break to sunset.  When they are informed, when they feel confident and aware of their daily details, stress is relieved and behavior improves.

Appreciating a routine is far different than feeling one is in a rut.  Having a routine doesn’t mean things don’t change. Fun activities pop up, bedtime is later, Monday’s are different than Saturdays, but the general sense and warmth of sharing, of knowing what’s going to happen and what integral part they play brings a sense of place, of belonging, of confidence and yes, empowerment.

“Empowered by knowing”.

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