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tongue -in-cheek

“I’m human again – Only human again – Poised and polished and gleaming with charm.” Lumiere the Candlestick in Broadway musical Beauty and the Beast.

Sometimes something you’re not looking for shows up – and grabs your attention, puts a smile on your face, and suggests a why-not attitude.

That’s what happened when I accidentally came across this Lumiere quote – and I felt  with total tongue- in -cheek -seriousness – – that says it all.

After six weeks of strengthening my new knee and still more to go, I feel ready to start to put it to the real test and find my way back to work and play – outside the home.

It’s quite amazing, really, to be on the other side of something that had loomed ahead of me seven weeks ago.  But as daunting as that seemed then, the feeling of accomplishment, of relief, of healing, and most of all, of gratitude, is worth it all.

So join me in my tongue-in-cheek celebration declaration , won’t you?

Look for ways to celebrate the things in your life – big or small – that you have worked through.

And humor me –  and Lumiere –  as we, tongue-in-cheek, playfully declare –

“I’m human again – only human again – Poised and polished and gleaming with charm.”

Hope to see you soon.


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