Stop and go guy

Apparently it appears – there’s a new guy in town.

The Parenting Place Parent Educator, Mike Scott, was sharing a remark made from a young boy who stopped with his parents at The Parenting Place booth at the La Crosse Center during the 2019 Family Fest a few weekends ago.

The  young boy looked up at Mike who was working at the booth, a realization spread across his face, as he happily announced, “I know you – you’re the Stop and Go guy!”

And that he is.

Every Thursday morning at The Parenting Place Muscles in Motion held in the gym at the Ericikson Boys and Girls’ Club from 10 AM – 11 AM, they play Red light, Green light – or better known to Mike’s followers as Stop and Go.

And Mike tells us – this is serious business – an activity that the children adore, wait for, that they do not want skipped or altered in any way.

It’s as simple as that.  Green means Go; Red means Stop; Stop and Go. And they’re off!

And it just made me stop – and go – wow – wait a minute – how can we be missing the simple beauty of this childhood game? As society encourages more and more sophisticated activities and programs for our youngest people, the overwhelming response to this Stop and Go game should give us some pause.

I believe simple is always better- and maybe physical activity, pure and uncomplicated, is what these children need, what they crave , what they respond to most. Maybe running and moving their bodies freely and naturally is what matters to them  – going fast – stopping short- listening – watching – at their own speed – red or green.

So as parents and caregivers, take a hint, perhaps, from the Stop and Go guy and play physically with your child.  Chase, run, tag, capture, laugh, wrestle, giggle, play. collapse.

Share this experience with your child and feel like a child yourself!

Thanks Stop and Go Guy – for playing!!


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