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“one proud mama”

“One proud mama” shared a story about her soon-to-be-thirteen-year-old daughter, who took it upon herself to make a difference.

A boy at her middle school, striding down the hall, purposely bumped into another boy, scattering his books on the floor – and then kicking them as he continued on his way.

But this time someone noticed – this young girl not yet thirteen used her strong voice to loudly call him out – as she also stopped to help the other student gather his books.

Wow – such a brave thing to do – such a kind thing to do – the right thing to do – something we all should do – when we notice injustices and bullying.

I’m happy to say, she was overheard – by a teacher – who also noticed – and pulled her aside to thank her and to recognize her and give her the respect she earned.

We all know bullying exists – and there are meetings and committees, and posters and rules and studies to try and stop it.

And that’s all good.

But what it also takes -really takes – is noticing – like this strong young girl did- responding like this strong young girl did – because she knew it was wrong – and she chose to speak up, call the “bully” on it, let him know he is a bully, and rise to support the victim, and not to ignore him.

Way to go, Kassidy!

“one proud mama” for sure!


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