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Pot holes

Pot holes – you know what I’m talking about if you have been out driving on any of the streets in La Crosse lately.

And that got me to thinking about another kind of pot hole – one that we as parents try to avoid, but often fall in to as we handle some of the emotional struggles and behavior issues of our children.

But as parents, we are cautious. We expect these, have developed strategies on how to handle these kinds of parenting “pot holes” with care – but new ones pop up frequently and unexpectedly, and jolt us into sudden reactions.

And so as the city crews hastily patch the road potholes in town to avoid accidents and keep the flow of traffic moving,  parents have to be ready to quell their child’s latest meltdown.

And yes, it is often about our own maintenance with our children – daily emotional connections, noticing your child at his best and commenting on it, sharing meals together, laughing and playing with one another, reading aloud to your child, offering a rhythm of family life that your child can rely on.

This kind of “road work” in your family will help to maintain the fiber of your family life – and  keep you prepared and ready for  the next unexpected “pot hole” along the way.

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