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Sometimes I think conversations are the missing link in our busy family lives.

So much of our talk is about getting things done fast, about on-the-go activities – hurry up,  put-on-your-shoes, let’s go – I -said, put-on-your-shoes, we’ll-be-late – kind of exchange.

Then, phew, we’re in the car – screens come out, entertainment turned on.

But sitting in close quarters at a restaurant on Sunday morning, I heard conversation happen.

At the table behind us sat a dad and his two children, approximately seven and five, having breakfast.  And this dad shared conversation with them.

It wasn’t typical awkward questioning (which as adults we often over-do) about what happened at school, do you have homework, did you do your chores, etc. It was the dad actually sharing with them his experiences, evoking interest and questions in turn from the children.

And it was quite a natural flow of ideas – and lovely to overhear.

I think, as parents, we often tend to ignore the curiosity that our children have about our lives and  what happens in them – and the enjoyment, learning and relationship that is there to be made.

One of the experiences I heard this Dad sharing was about his recent visit  to a Mexican restaurant – which began a whole exchange of conversation with the children about food and people’s likes and dislikes.

All of us have something funny, curious, unusual, interesting, kind –   even plain old ordinary –  happen sometime during our day- that our children will appreciate hearing about, appreciate being included, appreciate being noticed , and then, appreciate having their own responses shared.

A conversation.

So, think about it.  Start a conversation with your children.

They’ll make a great audience.

And you’ll make another strong connection.

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