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Some things in life just almost take you by surprise – but none so much as how quickly years pass and children grow and all of a sudden, we wonder – how did that happen?

I admit I’ve spent some time reflecting on this during the past week as my husband and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary.

And asked how we did it – what was the secret  – I’d have to say – the years passed with a rhythm of its own, days to weeks to months to seasons, rituals were shared, familiar and anticipated – that bonded and refreshed us all – and daily routines helped us embrace the ordinary.

And, for young families, that’s what I would encourage – develop and trust those seemingly repetitive habits that happen everyday.  Share and enjoy with your children the sense of belonging that comes from being able to say “In our family, we always …”

It’s about sharing, acceptance, humor, forgiveness, caring, patience, laughter, faith.

It’s about family.

It’s about love.


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