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the power

Sometimes the best way to convey a message and connect with others is through sharing a story.

I spent today in Madison at a workshop encouraging us to do just that. During our time together, this group was moved to laughter, caring, and reflection. And I love learning more about a message I already support and believe in so strongly.

Often parents and caregivers tell me their children “don’t listen to me”.

I wonder then, if we are talking with or talking at our children when that happens. Because sharing a story feels different.

It’s not preaching – it’s not lecturing.

It’s relating.

It’s remembering a struggle, a prank, a punishment, a game, a best friend, a funny incident, a regretful moment, a vulnerable time that happened when you were their age.

It’s giving them something to consider –   then allowing the story time to rest – to resonate with your child –  letting the story make its point – in its own way – trusting the moment.

Try it.  I think you’ll feel the power of sharing.



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