on your mark …

On your mark – get set – go!

That’s what it was all about this past weekend of competition at the WIAA State Track and Field Meet here at UWL.

And I smile to myself as I see on the news the celebration and sheer appreciation of these disciplined and impressive young people.

For as parents of young children, haven’t we all spent countless words and energy to keep them from running, jumping, and fast movements of any kind?

Yet – children were not born to be still.  From the very first roll-over, to crawling, first steps and beyond, children’s bodies were made to move.

So, maybe the answer is to make sure our children actually have the time and opportunities to do so – on their own time, in their own way.

And rather than a time-out or a constant reminder to sit still and stop, we let our children run.  As parents – as school districts –  we provide the independent time every day for them to skip, run ahead, jump, and chase – and we cheer them on.

And then when we need them to listen  – carefully –  be still, wait – they will have the ability to do so.

La Crosse has reached out across the city to provide so many new playgrounds for children to explore and climb and jump.  There are so many hiking trails to romp on – but don’t forget simple games like backyard tag and Red light, Green Light and plain old chasing games that children make up on their own.

It’s all about celebrating and believing  in the freedom of movement that children crave.

And who knows – someday your children might also be performing in the State Track and Field Meet.

And you can remember when they were little and how they loved to run and jump!


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