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Day dreaming

The sky is so blue – the sun so bright – the breeze just right – and I am day dreaming.

And at moments like this – I am also the little sister, the young girl, the best friend, the new mother, the grandmother – and these memories that connect and weave are triggered by the sensations, the scents, the sounds and the colors of this day – and days gone by.

And it makes me wonder – what will our children remember from the sounds and images of their childhoods?

I think about our young grandsons, Theo and Zeke and the shared photos of them – almost always in the woods, along a creek, playing in sand and water, climbing, jumping, holding a stick.

And I imagine their senses will be continually reminded and connected to these natural experiences as they grow.

Laughter shared, food cooked and enjoyed, sounds in the household and on the block – music heard, songs sung, books read, words remembered – all can remind us and our children of our times together.

After a stressful week recently, I was at the river and heard the sound the water made as it lapped against the bulkhead.

And I was immediately transferred to the beach I grew up on – and the delicate sound the sea made as it lapped on to the shore.

And I was so grateful for that recall.

We never know what will stick in our minds –  in our children’s minds – but we hope they are the good memories – the good sounds – the genuine  laughs – that flow into their daydreams – years from now – just by a  sound, a scent, or a breeze.

Day dreams – save some time for them.

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