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some of those times…

You wouldn’t think a cannon – a part of La Crosse history since 1900 – would be etched into the childhood memories of La Crosse children –  past and present.

But I believe it might be so.

For whenever there is a crowd at Riverside Park – for a concert or special event – this bronze cannon, made in Spain in 1787 – is bedecked by children.

It is an absolute favorite climbing apparatus – a challenge to any child to climb aboard, to hang off of.

And it lends itself perfectly to inclusion – the more children, the more fun.  Sometime as many as eight children line up atop.

And why am I so charmed by this sight?

No. 1,  it’s a daring feat for a child to manage – to climb aboard.  It speaks to adventure, to play in all its elements, to sharing, to excitement, to imagination, to accomplishment, to confidence, to trust.

For as parents/adults, we often worry what will the children do at outings that are not particularly catered just to young children.  Should we bring toys with us, snacks, or perhaps their hand-held devices?

However – left to their own imaginations, “their own devices” and sense of adventure, children will figure out something to do –  chasing, pretending, playing with sticks, stones, looking for imaginary treasures, searching for real treasures like rocks, feathers, bugs , spinning cartwheels, tumbling, picking dandelions –

… climbing on a cannon.

If we just let them.

For those are often the memorable times – the “remember when” times – when the kids figured it out – and the best time was had by all.

I bet you remember some of those times too!



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