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a daily lift

Something caught my eye recently – and my heart – when I read on-line a remark from a former teacher.  (wish I knew her name)

“Boys need to have their shoulders lifted daily.”

She shared that whenever she offered a positive word to a boy in her classroom – she would see his shoulders visibly lift.

“There might be no other reaction – but the shoulder lift happened every time with every boy that I praised.”

And I love that image – that subtle response that this wise teacher caught with her sensitive eye.

The majority of parental concerns shared with me as a Parent Educator are about their boys. And I listen, give suggestions and parenting solutions and tips that might help.

But I also always, always strongly encourage noticing their boy – really noticing – and offering frequent acknowledgment  of their boy’s subtle yet caring, positive moments.

We all know boys have a lot of energy, a lot of spunk that needs to be run off, jumped off, laughed off, teased off, yelled off, celebrated!

But look deeply into those eyes – catch those thoughtful moments, fleeting that they may be – those kind and sensitive moments – and quietly acknowledge them.

And just like this insightful teacher – who observed the “shoulder lift “ in the boys in her classroom, look for that same shoulder lift in your own boy.

And try to remember her priceless advice “Boys need to have their shoulders lifted daily”.


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