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try it

Praise publicly – Correct privately.

I found that on a sticky note recently in my scheduling book.

As I recall it was something I read in a flier about work-related behavior – but it resonated with me, because I thought it could be so applicable to parenting also.

How respectful – a tap on your child’s shoulder – “come with me for a second” and between the two of you – make this connection and say what needs to be said.

We’ve all experienced this  – out in public – or at a family and friends gathering, when we sense our child’s frustration, stress, needs, excitement escalating.

Perhaps it’s playing too roughly with younger children, or using outdoor voices indoors – or wildly chasing  past the adults in the room. Maybe you want to remind an older child to put his/her phone away and be present.

Your child will appreciate not being embarrassed in front of others. For young children, it will provide a few minutes to relax.

It’s modeling respectful behavior as we ask for respectful behavior from them.

So … come with me for a minute.

Try it!





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