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be cool

I don’t want to say this – but – it’s almost too hot to write!

Actually –  too hot to do much of anything.

But with children around, that’s not an option – as we all know.

So let’s declare a heat holiday!

Included in this heat holiday is definitely water!  Water to drink (for sure), water to get wet with (yes!), water to fill up the wading pool – water for children to wash trucks, bikes and ride’em toys, water from sprinklers to cool off and run under.

On a heat holiday – it’s good to find shade –  as much shade as possible!  Sitting on a blanket under the shade of a very leafy tree and reading books together, in my opinion,  is definitely a very cool thing to do!

A heat holiday should also be a vacation from cooking big meals – definitely!  How about sandwiches, yogurt, salads – fruit – easy foods that cool and refresh. Cold watermelon – perfect!  Popsicles a treat!

And did I mention a heat holiday often calls out for a long nap.

But the most important thing about a self-imposed heat holiday is that you get to do whatever it is that you know will make you and your family feel cool, happy, loved, grateful, and secure.

And that’s the coolest thing yet!





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