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Why not?

We talk about it – hang posters – form committees- know better – yet bullying continues and more often than not, right in our own school cafeterias.

So when I saw recently this Capri Sun commercial on TV – I was totally ready to run right out and purchase some Capri Sun pouches just because.

Because …  they are addressing this problem of bullying and exclusion head-on  with a short, no-nonsense ad that delivers the point.  And the point is that it takes a simple dose of courage and power – “power” not unlike what their own Capri Sun pouch says it offers – to change the equation.

In the ad, when a young boy comes to join a group of others at a school cafeteria table, one of the boys at the table smacks his hand down hard at the empty space and sneers up at the boy –  who then retreats to a table by himself.

Now for the action … a young girl witnessing this incident, takes a sip of her Capri Sun – says to her friend “Hold my pouch” and jumps into motion rearranging the tables in the lunch room into one huge rectangular table so no one need sit alone.

A together table!

All are included – no one gets turned away.

I am not usually so enthusiastic about ads  – but every once in awhile -one delivers a message so poignantly that it deserves to be watched – to be talked about, to be given attention.

In today’s world where rudeness and bullying seem to appear within all ages and all levels of society, we need  to provide our children with opportunities to learn, feel, connect  and believe that kindness and civility matter.

Okay – so I haven’t actually run out yet to buy any Capri Suns – but when I do – I’ll think of the power that young girl displayed – as she noticed something that needed to be changed –  took a big sip – said “Hold my pouch” and did it!

A together table!

Why not?

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