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A friend shared a story with me of his young 8-year-old grandson who asked him recently “where do our thoughts go?  I think about something and then it goes away – yet often the same thought comes back again later – I wonder where did it go while it was away?

Needless to say, my friend’s grandson is thoughtful and quite wise for his young age – for any age.

But … what do they say …“out of the mouth of babes” – we can often learn, often  realize, often ponder.

This morning I went to the last session of my 4-week group on Wisdom -through the Ages at The Franciscan Spirituality Center and I believe all of us there were very sorry to see it end.

It is a very special gift to meet ten other people whom you don’t know at all and then throughout the sessions talk, share, reveal, and connect with each other on such a very honest and personal level – about age, about trust, about gratitude, about experiences, about life.

And so we were all touched by each other’s sharing and, yes, their wisdom.

And I believe it reminded me once again of my friend’s young grandson’s question.

Where had the thoughts and sentiments, questions and reveals our group of “strangers” shared over our times together – where did they go during the days in between – when other thoughts and things to do occupied our minds.

Who knows.

But here’s what I think.  I think – perhaps – they’re resting- resting in our hearts – just waiting to be shared, just waiting to be understood.





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