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Ceremony – when it happens,  you can feel it – sense it- breathe it.

But ceremony doesn’t happen all that often in our busy day-to-day lives.

But it could.

Actually, you can create a sense of ceremony just by simply lighting a candle at dinner once a week – holding hands around the table for a moment of silence – end with a squeeze gently passed hand to hand.

Believe it or not, your children will be responsive to this quiet pause in their lives.

A few weeks ago we went to a reunion of a school that our family was involved in in the Seventies.  Ceremony was present.

It was there in the memories and gratefulness shared as our large group stood in a circle, and one by one revealed what Riverhaven School in Winona, Mn meant to them – as children, as now-grown adults, as teachers, as former parents.

Speaking with a dear friend from Connecticut recently whom I taught with years ago, we got on this subject of ceremony.

My friend has been a nursery school teacher for 40 years – seasoned and passionate still.

She shared that when the children in her class are moving on at the end of the year, she gathers them in a circle.  She has a velvet box – and in the box is a firm rock.

The rock is carefully passed from child to child as their teacher shares something about that particular child – unique to each.

She told me that there is perfect silence in this group of 4’s and early 5’s as they sit , wide -eyed, listening attentively to what is being shared about each child – as they wait for their own turn.

My friend said a few other faculty who witnessed this power of ceremony were speechless.

I believe it.

That’s kind of how ceremony leaves you.



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