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many hands

Once again I’ve witnessed it, seen it with my own eyes, smiled to myself, shared mutual appreciation with others, believed it – loved it.

And what is it?  It’s simple – but significant.

It’s children – helping – alongside adults – in a common purpose – where they feel included, needed, and valued.

Every year when The Parenting Place packs up the items for The Children’s Festival- small ones, big ones and really big ones – into our rental U-haul truck, it requires a lot of help – hauling in and out from our building to the waiting truck.

Then it’s off – everything and everyone to Myrick Park – where we begin again – this time unloading the U-Haul into the Shelter. All of this activity is in preparation for what The Parenting Place believes is the magic of the Children’s Festival.

And when the morning is over, the festival is taken down – packed up once again into the truck, and driven back to The Parenting Place to unload into the building.

And through it all, there are children with their parents – eager to help, to carry, to experience being a valuable part of our working group.

And one can sense their satisfaction, their confidence, their strength, their pride – palpable before your eyes.

And so I encourage parents to think of sharing jobs with children, working together with others, and having your children experience this power of unity.

Here’s a hint – raking leaves is right around the corner.  How about your kids, your relatives and friends and their kids jointly working together – to have fun while the yards get clean – with rakes and baskets and treats for all.

“Many hands make light work” – and strong connections.


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